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NAA is a federation of 170 state and local affiliates, comprised of more than 63,000 members.


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Your company can join the National Apartment Association through one of two ways:

Join a Local NAA Affiliated Organization

To join NAA, contact a state or local NAA affiliated organization in your area to request a membership application. Once you complete an affiliate application, and submit the required amount of dues, you will automatically become a member of the National Apartment Association. Find the NAA Affiliate nearest to your location.

Your NAA local affiliate can provide you with many membership benefits, such as education courses, informational newsletters and/or magazines, and opportunities for sponsorship, advertising and peer networking. Each NAA local affiliate offers a unique blend of membership services that can include opportunities for career enhancement, volunteer leadership and community involvement.

Direct Membership

If there is no NAA affiliate in your state or near your company's location, you can join NAA as a Direct Member. Learn more about direct membership

Why Join NAA?

Take a look at all of the benefits and services that come with membership in the National Apartment Association.

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